Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Thursday convened with Caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Al-Mawlawi, at the Grand Serail. The meeting, attended by Beirut Governor Judge Marwan Abboud and Colonel Khaled Youssef, focused on an array of ministerial affairs. Additionally, Prime Minister Mikati met with MP, Hadi Abu al-Hassan, and President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction, Nabil Al-Jisr, to discuss developmental initiatives. Following the meeting, MP Abu al-Hassan stated, "Today's visit to Prime Minister Mikati had a developmental nature, emphasizing the government's obligation to initiate the implementation of Law No. 174/2020, authorizing the government to commence studies for the construction of the Beirut-Bekaa highway and tunnel." Abu al-Hassan further elaborated that discussions, in the presence of Nabil Al-Jisr, centered on initiating the first practical steps for conducting studies. In turn, Prime Minister Mikati pledged full cooperation in la unching the initial phase and tasked Al-Jisr with necessary preparations. Subsequent tangible steps are expected to follow to commence the study's execution. "This vital developmental project, with its strategic and developmental dimensions, must come to fruition. We must start with the crucial first step of conducting the study, a commitment appreciated from the PM,' Abu al-Hassan emphasized, heralding positive news for the Lebanese people. Addressing the aftermath of the recent storm and its impact on Lebanon, discussions stressed the urgency of bolstering the Higher Relief Commission and augmenting the Ministry of Public Works budget, echoing sentiments expressed during the recent budget session. Moreover, discussions covered the general situation in the country, including the risks posed by Israeli aggression in the south. Emphasis was placed on fortifying internal stability, with hopes for potential breakthroughs amidst the current political landscape. In a separate meeting, Prime Minister Mikati rec eived MP Mohammad Sleiman to address general affairs and matters pertaining to the Akkar region. Prime Minister Mikati finally welcomed, Ruba Al-Jardat, the Regional Director of the International Labour Organization. Source: National News Agency - Lebanon