Ministry of Health: Second Dose of Coronavirus Vaccine at Avail for Elderly from 60 Years and over, 1,215 Confirmed Infections, 1,161 Recoveries

Riyadh, The Ministry of Health reaffirmed here today that the second dose of Coronavirus vaccine is available for the elderly category from 60 years old and over, at all inoculation centers, across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the same context, the ministry announced new statistics related to the Coronavirus latest developments, in the Kingdom, during the last 24-hour, which included detecting 1215 new confirmed infection cases and 1161 new recoveries, with the active cases reaching 10195, and 1355 cases in critical conditions.

The overall toll of infections in the Kingdom rose to 447,178 cases against as many as 429,663 recoveries, while the fatalities stood at 7320 as 11 new deaths were reported.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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