Red Sea Documentary Film Days Draws Crowds in Jeddah

Jeddah: The Red Sea Documentary Film Days, a collaboration between the Red Sea Film Festival and Art Jameel, captivated audiences in Jeddah between June 6 and 9 with a diverse lineup of documentaries. Screenings took place at Hayy Jameel, offering a rich cinematic experience.

The program had a captivating mix of films. Personal stories intertwined with explorations of cultural and historical issues, sparking lively audience interest and discussions.

Engaging dialogue sessions with filmmakers offered deeper insights into the creative process. Workshops delved into the technical aspects of documentary filmmaking, covering cinematography and classification.

The Red Sea Documentary Film Days featured six documentaries, some of which received support from the Red Sea Fund of the Red Sea Film Foundation. These films offer a compelling array of narratives that interest both documentary enthusiasts and casual filmgoers.

Source: Saudi Press Agency