Report: Hospitals and health centers are a main target of the genocidal war on Gaza

Gaza: Al-Dameer Foundation for Human Rights – Gaza issued a field report on (Hospitals and health centers are a main target of the genocidal war on the Gaza Strip). The issuance of this report comes within a series of reports issued by Al-Dameer Foundation for Human Rights during the genocidal war on Gaza since October 7th. For the year 2023.

The report shed light on the hospitals, health centers, and primary care centers operating in the Gaza Strip before and after the war, reviewing the impact of the genocidal war on the work of hospitals and health centers, and touched on targeting hospitals and health institutions from the perspective of international humanitarian law. The report concluded with the following results: On the Gaza Strip, it led to the collapse of the health system in the Gaza Strip after the deliberate and repeated targeting of hospitals and health centers. All major government hospitals were also out of service except for Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital. As for the rest of the hospitals that ret
urned to work, they provided primary care services only, in addition to the buildings of three major hospitals in the Gaza Strip being completely destroyed, as they were unable to return to providing health services ( Al-Shifa Medical Hospital – Al-Quds Hospital – Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital), in addition to deliberately directing attacks against hospitals and places where individuals and wounded gather.

The report recommended that the international community shoulder its legal, moral and humanitarian responsibilities and put pressure on the Israeli occupation to adhere to the four Geneva Conventions, stop the aggression and genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, and stop targeting hospitals and medical and ambulance personnel.

The World Health Organization, the United Nations institutions, and the Special Rapporteur on the right to health also recommended that the organization provide protection for hospitals and health centers, provide medicine messages, restart hospitals that were out of service, and establish
field hospitals, in addition to the International Criminal Court to open an immediate investigation into the attack and destruction of hospitals and health centers committed by The massacres against medical staff and patients inside it, and asking him about his crimes against the Palestinian people

Source: Maan News Agency