Seha Virtual Hospital Leverages Modern Technology to Serve Pilgrims

Riyadh: Seha Virtual Hospital will participate in providing virtual healthcare services to the pilgrims of the 1445 AH Hajj season, the Ministry of Health has announced.

The ministry underscored the hospital’s dedication to offering cutting-edge medical techniques that align with the highest international standards to meet the needs of the Hajj pilgrims.

The ministry highlighted the hospital’s preparedness to deploy specialized medical teams around the clock across various key service areas.

These include remote services such as stroke intervention, critical care, monitoring of heart patients using wearable devices, radiology reporting with the assistance of artificial intelligence, and providing specialized consultations to healthcare facilities.

In addition, the hospital provides virtual team support for medical assistance during emergencies and disasters.

The ministry also underlined the support provided by Seha Virtual Hospital to all affiliated hospitals and healthcare centres in Madinah and Makkah
and at King Khalid International Airport in Jeddah.

Services provided by the hospital can be accessed by calling 937 or through the Sehhi (Healthy) app.

The ministry highlighted the hospital’s efficiency and effectiveness of employing modern technologies in serving the pilgrims, enabling rapid medical intervention and accurate disease diagnosis.

Such services facilitate timely and appropriate medical decision-making and efficiently deliver necessary treatments.

These efforts align with the Ministry of Health’s commitment to leveraging the latest medical technologies to enhance quality and improve performance in healthcare facilities, serving the pilgrims and achieving the Health Sector Transformation Program and Vision 2030 goals.

Source: Saudi Press Agency