The INIS Overthrows An Int’l Network Uses Iraqi Territory As A Corridor For Drug Smuggling To Neighboring Countries

Baghdad, The Iraqi National intelligence service (INIS) overthrew an international network that used Iraqi territory as a corridor for drug smuggling to neighboring countries.

A statement by the INIS said: ‘In implementation of the directives of the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to pursue drug smuggling networks, the Iraqi National Intelligence Service was able to arrest a criminal group consisting of three people who hold foreign nationalities and are linked to an international drug smuggling network and use Iraqi territory as a corridor to deliver narcotic substances to neighboring countries.’

The statement added: “The operation was carried out based on a qualitative intelligence effort that resulted in revealing the identities of the members of the network who work under the cover of a company to transport goods to and from Iraq. After they received a large shipment of the narcotic Captagon pills that were hidden with raw materials in preparation for transporting them to one of t
he neighboring countries, they were arrested.”

They were caught red-handed, the narcotic substances in their possession were seized, and they were duly handed over to the judiciary to receive their just punishment.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency