Wild Thyme Successfully Cultivated in the Northern Borders

Arar, The northern wild thyme, known for its fragrant aroma and high nutritional value, which is endangered, has been successfully cultivated in Arar City, in the Northern Borders Region.

The flowering branches and leaves are the most important parts of this plant, which, besides its many uses, also contributes to increasing the vegetation cover in the region.

The Saudi Press Agency interviewed Mohammed Obaid Al-Jumayshi, member of the Aman Environmental Association in the Northern Borders, who has been cultivating wild thyme.

“I started by planting wild thyme in my home, with two seedlings, and the experiment was successful. Then, I expanded to a larger site near Arar, suitable for plant growth, and now the farm has more than 3,000 seedlings of the northern wild thyme,’ he said.

President of the Aman Environmental Association in the Northern Borders Nasser Al-Majlad said that the region is rich in plants and trees that contribute to increasing the green cover and are also important for various reasons. A
mong these, the most notable is the northern wild thyme plant, which differs from other types of thyme species. It is distinguished by its high quality and fragrant aroma, its pungent taste and by the fact that it typically grows in rocky areas along the sides of valleys and streams.

Source: Saudi Press Agency